Maximum accuracy and quality of equipment.

  • controlled temperature of glycol inflow in every chamber, from -1.2 C to -2 C and chamber temperature -0.8 C, ensuring great relative humidity (95%) and the minimal possible weight loss for the product
  • inverter connection of fans – air coolers for the optimal regulation of air inflow
  • I/O link technology temperature sensor, for maximum accuracy
  • 3 air temperature sensors, 2 product core temperature sensors, 1 incoming propylene glycol sensors, 1 humidity sensor per cooling chamber, ensuring absolute product safety and accurate measurements
  • bolt-on sensors with their own, autonomous electronic circuit board
  • in-line pumps outside every chamber, ensuring the budgeted and necessary propylene glycol quantity for each air cooler with the utmost accuracy
  • PID control system to regulate the fixed temperature with second decimal accuracy
  • continuous measurements for the concentration of O2 AND CO2 in every chamber
  • double-circuit condenser for optimal temperature regulation, 24-hour recording of all basic systems parameters with HACCP specifications
  • use only of pharmaceutical propylene glycol as cooling medium, fully compatible and safe for the food industry
  • construction of central piping from thermoplastic pre-insulated, ppr piping offers minimal friction, long operating life and factory insulation
  • double-circuit condenser with rotation control system for maximum economy and optimal condensing temperature regulation
  • internal product-control ports at the highest point of the chamber.

Advanced mechanical equipment emergency operation system.

  • 24-hour power generator for emergencies, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of all equipment, including the sorter.
  • system for the immediate defrosting of air coolers using water with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius,
  • defrosting via twin inverter pumps
  • set point and alarm zone for each sensor
  • Ethylene burner for every chamber / ensuring 24-hour ethylene burning
  • second propylene glycol pump with soft-starter system and automatic startup in case of fault in the main pump
  • two independent cooling circuits for maximum safety and integrated industrial inverter fitted at the cooler’s compressors
  • warning via e-mail in case of the detection of a fault or if an alarm is triggered
  • freezer energy recovery system, fitted with slab alternators.

Remote management/monitoring system for the cooling chambers

  • control of temperature sensors via a special portable kit provided by their manufacturer with a model, certified sensor
  • remote ethylene burners control
  • control system comprising of 3 plc and 3 colour on-line touch-screens, each screen being able to monitor the entire facility
  • remote changes to programming via industrial router
  • remote fault diagnosis for the freezer compressors, equipped with a module for their on-line and Bluetooth connection, to receive the operating parameters on a mobile phone
  • connection of facility with on-line energy consumption recorder, for the uninterrupted recording of all basic parameters and the system performance energy ratio (PER)
  • continuous modernization of our software with immediate installation of all available updates.

Service speed – flexibility.

  • 6 modern forklift
  • 3 manual pallet trolley
  • 3 ultramodern loading-unloading (docking) ramps
  • steel industrial electronic pallet-weighter equipped with self-adhesive labels issuing system, approved for commercial transactions
  • automated pallet wrapping – strapping machine to fix pallets/containers on pallets
  • overground mixed AES type weighbridge, with a steel metal bridge structure and concrete weighting surface, with a capacity of 80-tonnes, approved for commercial transactions.
    ( Our weighbridge and scale are complemented by documentation files, pursuant to European Directive 2014/31/ΕU, which was harmonized with Greek legislation on 27-4-2016, and which renders them suitable for commercial transactions)

High equipment performance.

  • electronic sorting facility, specially designed for sensitive fruits
  • fruit sorting capacity greater than 6 tonnes/hour
  • electronic fruit weighting system, equipped with two load cells per line, for absolute accuracy when weighting and sorting
  • a system for the smooth disposal of fruits to the available outputs, while all of the parts of the machine coming to contact with the product are coated with a soft underlay, for zero wear and optimal management
  • construction of every part of the sorting-machine coming to contact with food using strictly chosen and compatible materials which have been approved for contact with edible products
  • export of specially laid-out production report upon the completion of the sorting for each lot of products per producer (product report), containing all necessary information for the monitoring of production.

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